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Our goals…


Reach our peers with the Gospel.

God can and will change your life for the better. We just want to give those around us the opportunity to see God through what we say and how we live.


Encourage each other where we are now.

For many of us, this first step of independence can be alarming. The problems and issues we face can seem insurmountable when faced alone. That is why we are here, none of us have to go through it alone. We will walk beside each other, encouraging and helping one another on this journey called life.


Equip each other for what comes next.

It will take time to prepare ourselves for what the future may hold, but we will do it together. We will learn from each other, from the wisdom of others, and from the principles we find in God’s Word. Together with God, we will make sure that we are ready for the next step.




What we do…


Weekly Meetings


Sunday Evenings: We meet upstairs in the Gym in room D-206 at 7:30pm. We socialize, maybe play a game, have some snacks and then learn about the Bible. We discuss a certain topic or we interact with a teacher about a specific passage.


Our group plans other fun activities throughout the year.


Who we are…

It’s difficult to define our group in just a few words. Some of us are in college, and some of us work a job. We can be serious and seriously funny. We are aerospace engineering majors, alongside nursing and business administration majors. We are finance professionals alongside maintenance and service workers. We are a group from various places, with a wide variety of backgrounds and an interesting mix of personalities. Yet, we find ourselves drawn together because of our desire to know and understand who God is.


Come check us out; we are sure you will fit right in…

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